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Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Bath Poem

My dear friend Jennifer pulled this poem out of her brain, in response to my bath poem. I had to post it; it deserves the light of day!

Because dear Kay
from baths is banned,
I'll take one for her;
give a helping hand.

I've filled the tub
with salts and sud,
tuned out the world,
applied facial mud.

I've slid down into
the steamy water.
Submerged my chin;
I float like an otter.

The sweet aroma
fills my nose.
I feel water wrinkles
form on my toes

I hum a lilting tune
and lean back to dream
of Dr. McDreamy
sharing my steam.

But wait. Oh no!
What's this about?
I'm getting sweaty!
I must get out!

What once was pleasant
now is not.
What I thought was heaven
is just downright HOT.

And I've got this muck
all over my face.
My pores can't breathe;
to get it off I race.

Turn on the cold water,
unclog the drain.
Get this soap off me,
I whine and complain.

My bath is over,
my mood has turned sour.
Get out of my way,
I want a cold shower!!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can refer to myself as a published author? Hee hee...I always hated the poetry unit in English class because my poems were terrible. I wasn't the only one who thought so either. "The Wag" had plenty to say about their awfulness.

Kay Bailey said...

Don't feel bad. She called the best sentence I ever created, in the middle of a mediocre essay, "deadwood."

DAVs said...

Wait a minute--who is "anonymous" who is referring to the Wag?? Just curious, as I, too, had the Wag way back when. Ahhh, that takes me back....

Kay--thinking about you all the time!!!

ps I started blogging again for my sanity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Jennifer Konen. I kind of miss the Wag. I think of her every time I use a word like magnanimous.