Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Making

The trees are blossoming, birds are rassling with each other on our front sidewalk, and the bees are God-knows-where doing God-knows-what.

And we took a little trip to Maryland yesterday to make some embryos. Here is the description I posted last night on my support-group website:

"After a week of watching the Oocyte Follies, and getting concerned that there were only six follicles, I got good news today. They pulled eleven eggs out of me. So much better!

"I had a great experience at the egg retrieval today. The first time I did IVF, I did it at Dominion Fertility, where they are a small shop and do everything in about 4 rooms. This time I am at Shady Grove Fertility, which is a very large organization. James and I trekked to Maryland (40 minutes, but still across state lines) to go to the main Shady Grove location. The second floor is their office where they do the consultations and monitoring, and the fourth floor is devoted entirely to IVF retrievals and transfers. It wasn't that different than being in a hospital, except that they were sooo friendly and we never wanted for attention or good bedside manner.

"We had very good explanations from the anaesthesiology contractor (company is called "Sedate, Inc." -- I thought my company would be called "Enthusiastic, Inc."), the nurse, the doctor. They all knew my name and talked to us like humans, even humans with a sense of humor.

"But above everything, the best part of the day was the company of my sweet James. When I said I was getting nervous, he said I was really just going to be taking a nap. And that is something I really love doing, and something that I'm so good at! When I said I was a tiny bit bored, lying there with an IV in my arm, with nothing to do for another 40 minutes before my OR slot, James got up and -- silently, because we were just behind a curtain -- did an awesome jig-style dance for me. It was complete with marching, bent arms swinging outwards, and head tilting right and left in rhythm, all with a very silly look on his face. I giggled and giggled. Right as James sat down, the doctor came in and said, "no laughing. What do you think this is? Comedy Central?" We kept giggling.

"And then when we were alone again, James looked at me so tenderly, and I asked, "Is this true love that we've got going here?" and he took my face in his hands and kissed me so sweetly. I melted. Some of my soul might have flown back up into the IV.

"Sure enough, I went to the operating room and only had a chance to admire how interesting all the equipment was before I was out. And then I was back in the recovery room and James was pulling my clothes out of the little closet, trying to figure out which way was the front.

"On the way home we got a Big Mac and big Diet Coke. They'd cautioned us about eating spicy or greasy food as the first thing in my mouth. They said I should have a cracker first to test out whether I was going to get nauseated, post-anaesthesia. I had a piece of bun instead. And with tremendous strength of character, I skipped the French fry that was poking out of the bag, waving at me.

"And then I went to sleep. And my bed was soooo comfortable. When I woke up, James had baked me a lemon merengue pie and had a homemade pizza in the oven. And it's being handed to me now on a plate. Gotta go."

Postscript to last night: we have learned that 9 of the 11 eggs were mature, and 6 of those fertilized. So we have six embryos! Woo hoo! Keep your fingers crossed that some of those are able to hang on for the duration.


DAVs said...

Yay for six embryos!! I'm so glad you had a good experience. When will you have your transfer? I've got everything crossed.

bzh said...

Though I don't actually know you, I feel like I do, both from following your blog and from listening to our friend bzzzzgrrrl.

I am SO rooting for you and your six little embryos.

Go, go, go!