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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bringing Home Buns

I have two baby buns in the oven! And I love them dearly.

We had the embryo transfer today. This is our third IVF try, and it's the first time that the doctor thought we might actually get to freeze a few runners-up. Our seven embryos, which have been growing for the last five days, were all going strong still. We had two perfect blastocysts (that's a more advanced stage of embryo) and we had those put back inside me.

The remaining five embryos were all at a healthy pre-blastocyst stage, which I think is incredible. In the past we might have had one like that, amongst a few extras that were just duds.

Because the quality of the whole batch seemed so good, the doctor recommended transferring just two embryos. Although this was our third IVF attempt, he didn't recommend putting three in (the more "aggressive approach") because these looked so good. So that's good. As my friends in the online community have been reminded in a very sad way in the last week, multiple births (twins and triplets) represent a real risk to mother and babies. The fewer the embryos, the smaller chance that we'd have to deal with the risks of multiples.

I'm feeling battered and bruised, but happy and full of life. I'm on bedrest for the next day, and will be taking it easy for a week after that. So no more lawn-mowing. So sad.

Thank you to all my friends and relatives who have been thinking of me and praying for us, to say nothing of the people who have actually contributed food. Aw, yeah.

Happy Father's Day! Here's to parents!


lovestoskip said...

What a great way to spend father's day!!

DAVs said...

You ARE full of life, Kay.

Grow embies grow!

Laughing4Heir said...

Praying hard, praying hard for you!

Tracy said...

Great news! Are you hoping for twins?

Anonymous said...

great news! Cook those buns, hun!