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Monday, June 2, 2008

Injustice, and Other Pouty Observations

Saturday I got into the thick of things again. I went to the doc for my first major "monitoring" appointment. They checked to see how my ovaries and environs were, and took some blood to test my hormones after a week and a half of shots.

Maybe I'm just "hormonal," or maybe the world is filling up with things to irritate me. Here are some of my irritants:

1. As my nurse took my blood, we talked about how there are lots of Katherines that come into the clinic. Her name is Laila, and she said there were lots of Leyla/Leila/Lailas in the Muslim communities in the area. She is African-American and her father is Muslim. I started to get mad at the socio-economic injustice that keeps minorities out of expensive fertility clinics. Why do only Katherines get to go through this hell?

2. I sat by an African-American patient while I waited for my ultrasound. This time my injustice flag went up because she had a pink bandaid on her dark arm. Why don't they make bandaids in different colors? That's just no fair.

3. I went to get my prescriptions and paid an arm and a leg for them. Maybe even some ribs. It was a huge blow as I feebly held out the credit card and closed my eyes. I went home mad that these medicines weren't available in generic form, to keep the cost down.

4. I called another nurse to confirm that it was okay to use Repronex in lieu of Menopur. That's what the pharmacist gave me. The nurse explained that Repronex was the generic version of Menopur. They don't like to prescribe it because it's not as pure as the brand version. And lo, it does leave a big red welt and hurts longer. Stupid generics.

Ah. Bear with me as I bear with myself.


DAVs said...

Awww, I'm sorry for your day Kay. But the real question: how did the follies look? How was the estrogen? You know I need the nitty gritty details!

Tracy said...

I'm cranky today too, and I don't even have a good excuse like you do. Let's hope tomorrow is better.

Laughing4Heir said...

Maybe the hormones are like super-power inducers and you're attuned to injustices and inanities whenever you're on them so that you can save the rest of civilization? You're like the hormone hero or something.

I dunno. I like it!