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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seventh Heaven

A quick note to say that things should be looking up. Today the doctor told me that I seem to have seven follicles (future egg sacs) growing on each ovary. That's double lucky, if you ask me. And as I left, I noticed that the doctor's office is located on the seventh floor of its building. Tell me that's not a sign.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on le' blog.

I hope you are doubly lucky...and maybe get some twins out of those 7 :)

Tracy said...

It is definitely a sign. No really,literally, I can tell it is a sign. Ha ha, I'm funny (or at least I think so).

I'm glad today is better, and those sound like really promising results so far!

DAVs said...

Ha, I laughed at Tracy's comment.

Fourteen follicles is stellar! Here's hoping for fourteen beautiful embryos and at LEAST twins :)

Kay, when you cycle I feel like I am cycling too--my cycle buddy through and through. Well, minus my bad results, but you know what I mean! We're pulling for you and sending your follicles lots of growth dust.

Laughing4Heir said...

Lucky 7! Lucky7!
... and, we're coming up on 6/7/8, which is also a cool number sequence, and when added together, equals 21, a multiple of 7!

Anonymous said...

Super double lucky 7's!!! Good luck, I sure will be pulling for you this cycle!

Take care,