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Friday, October 17, 2008

Blessing 5: Twin Set

I found this picture from last week (Week 19) that I thought I should share with you. It shows the twins together in utero. From left to right (the three big blobs), what you're seeing is belly/ribs, head in profile looking up, and then head of other twin from the top, also looking up. The two little blobs that sit right above either side of the big head blob in the middle are hands: one from one twin and one from the other.
Isn't that amazing?


lovestoskip said...

That is amazing. It's like they are waving to each other saying "hey--look what I grew!" and the other one is saying "I grew one too!"

DAVs said...

It is truly an amazing, miraculous thing the way the human body can grow other humans. Beautiful pic!

Hey LovetoSkip--what happened to yer blog?

Laughing4Heir said...

I never understand how people can "read" those scans. I trust that they know what they're looking at, but whenever I see those pictures, I'm just confused. Thank God it's not me deciphering the photo. I would've told you you'd eaten a bagful of potatoes and your stomach had not yet digested them.

It's good to know they're all settled in, though. Do you know what color they've painted their walls? ;)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That is amazing. Who knows what they're up to in there? They're super cute (yes, that you can determine cuteness from U/S photos).

gender queen said...

Oh wow, twins. I wish I had twins.

Anonymous said...

Kaaaaayyyyyyy Bay-leeeeeeeeeeee! I am jumping up and down in my Red Baron fleece pajamas scaring the living beejesus out of my kitten....yippeeeeeeeee! Oh my my my! Obviously just saw the news on email and HAD to leave you a big virtual hug, jumping (can you jump, or maybe gesture jumping?) with you up and down! Gosh, I am just so happy for you and James. TWINS too - wonderful wonderful wonderful. Now you get the added pleasure of folks relaying their twin how my Mom and Aunt are fraternal twins (is that the term still these days?) and it is truly a blessing to have in the family. Amazing to this day - the two are inseperable after 74 years! Big sloppy kiss and hug - xo Bron

PS - will definitely be by soon - will give a jingle to see when is okay. :) Yippeee!

Eric said...

Hi Kayski!

Great fun to receive your post last night!

I am "tagging" you with this: