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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Love of James's Life

I was pretty sure, until recently, that I was the love of James's life. Now I know that there are two. While I'm still confident that I'm in the Top Two, I really don't know who's first any more.

This weekend we went to visit our Godsons and their parents (coincidentally, our friends). We had such a good time that, as usual, I was as reluctant to leave as I am to leave my grandmother's house when I visit there.

What was different about this visit was that our first Godson was three. He's always been younger in the past. He has a one-year-old brother who is the cat's meow. But the little one doesn't roar. The older one does. And so does James.

James and Godson One spent the weekend reading books, putting together puzzles, and running around the house roaring like bears and tigers. It's been a very long time since I've seen James have this much fun.

It warms my heart that he'll be the father of my children. You see, James is the love of my life, and he just keeps giving me more reasons why.

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