Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blessing 6: Quickening

According to some cultures, "quickening" is when life starts. It's when the mother starts to feel the flutter of the baby(ies) inside her. Sometimes it starts at 16 weeks or so; our slow little babies finally got quick a couple weeks ago, at about 20 weeks. Now they're downright fast.

We had a visit with them on Thursday at the high-risk obstetrician's office. The ultrasound showed that everybody was in good shape. We had been concerned before about Baby B having an umbilical cord with two blood vessels instead of three: sometimes that comes along with other complications. But Baby B looks great, and Baby A is as sassy as always. Everybody is growing and hearts are thumping away. I even got the experience of feeling a couple kicks at the same time as one of the babies moved on the ultrasound screen.

And then last night we finally had our first big family event. We went to see the Cirque du Soleil, which aside from producing a lot of adrenaline in me, also produced a whole bunch of LOUD music. And the buns woke up. My abdomen vibrated with the sounds of the music and the kicks of the babies. A few times we could even see the kicks from outside my stomach. Amazing. We may actually be pregnant! With miniature people!

November is looking good for our family. We are very, very lucky.
And for our friends who haven't been as lucky, not yet, we love you. And we're behind you, no matter what.


Laughing4Heir said...

A rumbling tummy due to internal acrobats is WAY better than one due to gas!

lovestoskip said...

So precious!

DAVs said...

A blessing indeed. Enjoy every second!