Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thankful for my family.


Laughing4Heir said...

I'm thankful for your family, too! ;)

bakingababy said...

i'm thankful for your blog! i've spent the last couple of hours reading every single post in chronological order, so i had tears of joy when you shared your good news in august! congratulations from the bottom of my heart! my husband and i have been trying for one year next month with no luck yet. i'm almost 34 and we are now starting the process with a fertility specialist (i refuse to say INfertility specialist) and fear we'll also be categorized as "unexplained infertility." your postings about the IVF process and dealing with emotions around trying to conceive and friends who have already conceived are very helpful to me. thank you for sharing and again, congratulations! i'm now a loyal reader. :)

may i ask you one question – i’ve been getting acupuncture for about 8 months now. why did you stop?