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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take your Daughters to Work Day

Today was Take your Daughters to Work Day. For me, at least. After six months of this pregnancy sickness, I finally had enough energy to start a part-time job. And someone, for some reason, agreed to hire me part time for a job they were looking to fill at 40 hours per week.

Twenty hours per week now, four hours every day, I will be working at a law firm as a contract attorney, reviewing documents written in Portuguese. It's thrilling! It's professional work, mingled with the fun of speaking other languages. I get to dress in people-clothes (Ladies 3X, specifically; I've grown out of the universe of maternity wear) and brush my hair and talk to people in an office about grown-up things. I forgot how good I am at listening in on conference calls!

And through it all, my buns came with me. They actually let them into the conference room with me. We sat there and, the two times we were collectively going to pass out, we surreptitiously ate some goldfish crackers and drank some emergency apple juice. We maintained the open, alert, and serious look on my face. We nodded at appropriate times and I even asked two questions. And then at the end of our measly little shift, we announced Sianora and came home for a nap.

I love every bit about this. I'm pretty sure the buns do, too. I'm pretty sure they want to be attorneys now.

I'll see what I can do to discourage that. After the nap.

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Laughing4Heir said...

A professional part-time job? That's so wonderful! You're so lucky!