Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

By Popular Demand

Walter and Jack, the girls' honorary cousins (or maybe they're soul-brothers), have requested a new slideshow to watch.

So without further ado, here's another slideshow. This one features two grandmas, a mom and a dad, a cat, a few friends, and of course, our stars, Elisa (blonde) and Amanda (brunette).


Laughing4Heir said...

I like the laundry basket photos the best!

Carin said...

Did I see Muffin?

Kay Bailey said...

Yes, that's Muffin (teddy bear). Sometimes when the girls are crying in their room, next door to ours, I wake up and find that I've been rocking Muffin to try to make the crying stop. Of course, Muffin never cries, so my rocking is misplaced.

Celia said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I, too, like the laundry basket bed the best. Of course, James holding a baby, eating and reading is a good second. Can't wait to see you all.

Jana said...

Love all of the pictures!! They have already grown so much and I love it that you can distinguish them by their hair color. I am going to come to CS when you are in town - I just can't miss out on seeing the babies in person!

Anonymous said...

Okay...MY favorites are the ones where they are sleeping exactly the same with the same facial expression & both of their arms up in the exact same so cute...AND the one where it looks like Amanda is punching her sister in the side of the head. Of course I would be horrified if that was really happening, but I know she is a baby & not capable of any life-threatening it's just darn funny!

Love your blog, Kay.

XOXO, Melissa (from DS)