Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Months!

The girls are three months old today! Here are some recent pictures, including Elisa and Amanda in their Easter finery. The third baby in the three-baby shot is Cousin Iona.


lovestoskip said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe they are already 3 months!!! And I still have your baby gift to send you. Luckily it is not something they will outgrow soon. They are absolutely precious. And you look wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

why do you not look exhausted?!? It's been nine months for me and I have bags like no other under my eyes! :)

They are beautiful!


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Utter cuteness!

Marcie said...

Thrilled beyond belief for you & James, Kay. Lovely girls. Know you are a great mom.

Marcie Rinka Wessels

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful sight to see, Kay. I have missed your journals on DS, even though I, myself have not had too much time to journal. You are a strong women, who else could go through what we did in order to conceive. Your girls are simply amazing! Love ya!