Adventures in making and raising our test-tube babies

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conception Achieved: Anniversary

On June 10, 2008 we conceived our two babies. Actually, they were conceived for us in a petri dish, and there were more than just the two. This wasn't the first batch of embryos to be conceived, either. They were in the third group. These two were the fifth and sixth embryos to get to see the inside of my uterus in the span of a year. What made these two special was that they survived. They stuck around in my body long enough to get bigger, and when they were ready they came out as baby humans.
Last week, Shady Grove Fertility finally got around to my repeated repeated repeated request, and sent me the photo of these two particular embryos.

This is the first picture of Amanda and Elisa.

Amazing. Think of all the genetic information that was inside those tiny cell clusters. We had no idea what they held at the time, and we're only starting to find out. What tiny little bits of infinite mystery and wonder!

To my dear friends who are still in the fight, I think about you all the time. Here is hoping that little clusters of cells like these, wherever they start out and wherever they gestate, float their way into your lives very soon.
Never have things so small been so big. Never have things so nondescript been so beautiful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Fun

This slideshow has pictures of the girls hanging out at home with their cousin, Iona, in the "Where's Waldo" role (hint: she's usually under something). We also have some pics from our trip to their Godfather Jeff and Aunt Noemi's wedding in Pennsylvania. No, the margarita is not bigger than Amanda. But that didn't stop me from drinking it.